Women’s Self Defense Bootcamp in Townsend, Ma.


A Few facts:

  • Over 250,00 sexual assaults occur every year…about 28 per hour
  • 1 in 4 college students reported surviving a rape or attempted rape
  • 85% of sexual assaults are committed by non-strangers
  • 57% of sexual assaults occur on dates
  • About 70% of rape survivors report they took some sort of self-protection action during the assault
Would you know what to do if you were assaulted?
We can show YOU how to avoid these encounters and what to do if
you are attacked!
Learn how to fight back and escape danger!!
DMA is offering our

Dynamic Defensive Tactics

4 week Women’s Self-defense Bootcamp.

Our 4 week basic but highly comprehensive program will teach you simple, highly effective techniques to help you ward off and escape a potential attacker.
Do not be a statistic, be a survivor!
Starts September 17th
Monday and Wednesdays at 6PM-7PM for 4 weeks
Cost: $85 non-members
          $75 for members

Reserve your spot now!

Space is Limited.

(978) 597-8000
Dynamic Martial Athletics
9 center st
Townsend Ma. 01469
(978) 597-8000

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