DMA is more than just a place to get into shape, it is a place to change your life. I started taking the DynaMMAX class to increase my fitness level, little did I know it would be a life changing experience with more than just physical results. I have gained a renewed sense of self confidence and empowerment and have made lasting friendships. The physical changes of increased strength and weight loss are just the beginning of the positive results you will gain from this class.

I would come home from DynaMAXX class feeling so strong and self assured, raving to my husband about the positive environment and wonderful people. My husband was never really interested with the regular gyms because of the intimidating and lackluster environment. In fact I would have to twist his arm just to get him to go. Well it wasn’t long after I began to go to DMA that he joined me and that unenthusiastic attitude was washed away by the welcoming, empowering and positive environment that exists at DMA. For the first time in his life he looks forward to working out and can’t wait for the next class.

The foundation for DMA’s success is the atmosphere and attitude created by Coach Mike. I have been exposed to the fitness world for 20+ years and Coach Mike is by far the most knowledgeable and effective trainer I have ever met. The workouts are constantly changing, every workout is different and can be adapted to ALL fitness levels. Coach Mike helps you reach your full potential and is a positive motivator. The bottom line is he will make you a better person physically and mentally.
As a matter of fact, my husband and I often say, “I can’t imagine life without DMA!”.

Amy F.

Going into a MMA gym with no martial art experience can be a little daunting. How do I even tie my belt? Am I going to get paired up with someone more experienced and get embarrassed because I don’t know what I’m doing? That was me a year ago, walking into my first jiu jitsu class, but everyone at DMA is friendly, caring, will push you, and help you improve. No matter what fitness level you are at, everyone will only encourage and motivate you. I don’t think I’ve met a better group of people anywhere else. I’ve trained at other gyms, but DMA is the cleanest, and gives you the best grasp on what you are learning. Mike and Jason are truly the best instructors I’ve had. They care about your progress and will help you in any way they can; they never hesitate to answer any question you have. You won’t just learn movements, you’ll learn technique. Every class you go to, you’ll only get better, stronger, and healthier.

Tatum B.